Family Tree

Because I was bored I started looking for tutorials for family trees. The one I used was for Gimp but since I don’t know my way around Gimp and use PSP I figured the same theories would apply. And I thought I should start this now before it gets so big I don’t even want to start it! LOL! I’ll only be using adult images so that’s why the kids aren’t on here yet! Naturally it’s going to be a work in progress but I had fun doing it!Smile


  • pineapple275
    #1 written by pineapple275 4 years ago

    Can you give me a link for your GIMP tutorial? I am trying to find one that I don’t have to sign up on a website for. I tried getting the one on TSR but that didn’t work out. So can you give me a link to the one you used?

    • PhoenixFG
      #2 written by PhoenixFG 4 years ago

      I use this tutorial from TSR. I don’t know if it’s the same one you used or not. If this link doesn’t work for you I can download it. I don’t use GIMP but the tutorial works well in PSP too!Smile

  • Glace
    #3 written by Glace 3 years ago

    Wink pineapple275 i see your name at the seraphine legacy all the time

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