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As always I try to keep this list updated. I’ll be adding to it as I add things to my game. I try to link to things when I show pictures but if I don’t and you can’t find it here on this list don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll scrounge it up for you! No worries!

Also, if you use Firefox this program, Skipscreen, makes downloading A LOT easier.  Just an FYI! Razz ***Please make sure all hacks/mods are up to date with your latest EP***

Last updated: 07/12/14

Everything in One:

My Sims 3 Blog: Joe compile a list of all the CC for the Sims 3.  I always check here just in case I missed something coming out.

MATY. This thread has all the store items. People upload them so it’s constantly being updated.

Patches. I thought my game was patched but it was WAY behind on keeping updated! Frown Also, this site helped as well when a patch wouldn’t take for HEL.

Sims Fairy Tales: Stuff from the store for free. You have to register but it’s worth it!Smile

Sims3CC on Tumblr

Sunset Sims

Edit Sims

TS3 Catalogue

Skins:(since Rez made this mod for non-default skins I have an insane amount of skins. Download the mod! NOW!Big SmileMod is obsolete with LN but you can still see your non-defaults with a scroll mouse. OR download Anach’s mod here(look for CAS detail.).

Club Crimsyn: Full and separated. These were the first I used.

TummyZa: Full body or separated as well.

Subaxi: Toddler and children faces.

Traelia: Realism Skins

Araenna: Several non-default skins are listed here.

Ladyfrontbum: Busty St.Clair

Bloom’s Base: Sexy feet

Fawkes Rainbow Skins: Updated for LN.

There Was Nothing Left: Along with various other amazing downloads(Joedy from TS2!)!

Kurasoberina: Absolutely amazing skins! Current defaults

You Are Real


GoS: There’s a ton of hair here. I think I’ve downloaded the majority of it. Here are some of my favs.

Aikea_guinea’s dreads. Woot! Converted over for males and females.

This hair by Bosie. Male and female.

Karma Police by Gelydh

Texture replacement. There’s three or four files but worth it or these at Club Crimsyn.

Facial hair replacement.

Simcave(hair and misc items as well.)

Abbey. Any hair by her I have in my game.

Missbonbon. Ah!! ♥ her retextures!

Anubis. Great hair conversions. Clothes as well.

Lotus. Loving her hair retextures! She’s becoming my favorite.

Reis’ Blog

Nilou: Retexturing hairs and doing eyes for TS3


EA Store. Hey! I had 1,000 points. And the clothes aren’t bad really.

Random Noir. Anything, ANYTHING by him. Love his stuff. He’s on GoS as well.

MTS: As always.


Oepu’s Blog: A lot of different type of clothing as well as Hair.

LiliSims Very nice clothing and accessories over on this blog. Go here to see updates.

RustyNails The site is a mix of English and another language but you’ll be able to navigate.

Carrie’s Sims

Sky Sims

The Sims Emporium. Good looking clothes. Conversions from several creators of TS2 to TS3.


Helaene Retired because of trolls.  She left a .zip of all her work on her site though…

Maternity Clothes: Site dedicated to maternity outfits.

Sims 3 Fashion Blog

NYGirl Sims

Simsational Design


Kitty Klan: Her stuff is awesome!! She can be found on MTS as robokitty.

Newone08: I really like the detail.

Lurania: Tribal tats

Shep: Scars. I was so happy when I saw these!!

Akinea_guinea: Piercings!!! SO happy with these!

daluved1: Henna tats as well as these great beds! Smile

Astray Sims. I downloaded both sets. They look amazing in game.

Skeletalscreams. Snakebites!

Wideopeneyes: Awesome piercings here.

IN3S: Great layerable piercings as well as industrial ear piercings.

Simple Life

Pixel Things: Wonderful scar packs and/or single scars.


Akinea_guinea: Love these. I had taken them out by mistake and immediately could see the difference.


Shyne: Contacts mostly with a few defaults and make up as well.


My Sims Realty: Worlds and lots

Suburban Autumn: I adore this house.

Up Country

Family House. It’s on the Exchange but to me this exchange is different from TS2’s. So far.

Four Corners.





Awesims: Wonderful furniture.

Speechless: Amazing houses



Custom Launcher: OMG! Use it! Makes loading times SO much faster.

Combine packages: Use this method if you’re not comfortable using the Custom Launcher.

Outside Lighting Mod

No Censor Blur: The blur in TS3 was HUGE!

Aikea_guinea: Her camera mod is a life saver. I got nausea playing without it. And she’s made it into a package file so no more having to search for the original if/when you patch! ***If you have Late Night use this camera mod by HP. A_G updated her mod for LN. It can be found here.

No drift/Lower Level Live Camera mode: Does what it says and works with aikea_guinea’s mod as well as HP’s.

Awesome mod

Facial slider hack by Ahmad. Works amazingly well!

Pregnancy Length: I was always surprised when I had the baby because I could never keep track. Now I can.

No Zzz’s or go here for combination mods up to LN.

Twallan Story progression and other mods.  Currently using this(among others).

Pointy Ear Slider

Breast Slider(don’t know if this works with LN)

aWT: Also retextures hairs.

Adding LN lots to other hoods(if you have Awesomemod). I use this method(you have to do this every time you restart the game) but there’s also this one(I couldn’t figure it out). Sizes of lots can be found here.


Pose player(posebox data base here.) A nifty add on can be found here.

Lots not showing up

HQ Graphics Overhaul/HQ CAS/No Glow


Slimmer pants/chunkier boots

Slimmer T-shirts

Combat boots by M. Calero at GoS. Actually any shoes by her.

Adidas. Holla! These are my personal RL shoe of choice!

Simension. The site isn’t completely in English but you can get the gist of it.

The Sims 3 Standard

Sims 3 Daily Download

Rejected Sims

Infusorian. CLUTTER!!


Lemon Candy Clutter


Sims Maker


Sims Art Gallery Beautiful art work

AweSims Patterns and cushions(also have her listed in furniture!)

Fashion Twist

One Billion Pixels. I ♥ the freckles. A lot of other stuff as well.

SIMply Celebrity Sims. Sims for download as well as houses.

The Verona Relapse: Paintings, posters

Simnel: Wallpapers

ZombieJill makeup for TS3 here.

Tamo. Also on MTS.

Loverdag’s Weird Sims.  Edited worlds, Sims, etc.

Lemon Leaf: Great makeup

Arisuka: Gives Sims that unique look

Hak-a: TS3 conversions of mash-ups

Repulsively Desirous: Wonderful walls and murals.  ♥ No longer active. Some of her things can be found at Black Pearl Sims.

Look, A Plumbbob

Around the Sims 3


Indigo Great curtains and misc. pictures

Stuff for Sims 3

Twilight Lover’s Sims

Amoebytes: She’s just starting out but what she has up is awesome!

Sakura Sims

Lemon Jelly(newer things here). Lemon Jelly(older things).

Camille: Various conversions that are amazing.

Aglaia’s Anything Website is down as of 11/28/11

Teatime for Sims

The 13th Sim: Grungy, spooky things here.

Social Sims



Burnt Waffles


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