(OLD)Sims 2

I just want to take the time to thank all the wonderful CC creators who make everyone’s games look so uniquely different. Thanks for taking the time out and offering it to us for free. Without y’all my game would be a lot more drab! Anyways, this will be a work in progress as I find new sites and such! Happy CC hunting! And if there is something you see that you want just ask. I’m more than happy to look for you!Smile

FYI: I do try to go through the links here to make sure that they’re not dead. If you run across some that are just leave a comment and I’ll try to fix it! Thanks!

Last updated 1/1/12.


Tutorials/Essential Hacks:

–>Posebox Reference Guide<– This guide, by goodbye_sun, is extremely helpful. Links are provided and it’s downloadable as a pdf file.

Posing without Poseboxes Vern’s tutorials are very helpful

Facial Overlays by Goodbye_sun(and a GREAT place for finding poseboxes and/or looking at or participating in challenges)

SilentLuciditys OMSPs These things will change your game.

Sim Solutions: You can never have enough pose catalogs yeah? Straight forward and to the point and also provides the links to the pose boxes which is awesome!

Lachesis’ Pose Catalog

Caine Self Defense Practice Pad(essential to Lycan Tales)

High quality images without high file sizes/ Creating a template image

Recoloring objects using Object Workshop

Defaults Database: With the default craze that’s currently going on this is very helpful!


FreeSimsFinds Finds from all over the internet.


All About Style I love all her stuff. It’s classy and trendy at the same time. I go there especially for elderly clothes. Hello? Grandma can be a fashionista too!

Club Crimsyn I go here for Gothic like clothes. So far I haven’t seen anything that I don’t like on that site. Also go there for jewelry. Files are being hosted on GoS.

Liana Sims2 Can we say fashion? Love, LOVE her stuff! Lingerie, clothes, purses, and lovely maternity wear.

Under Your Skin She has an eclectic blend of things at her site plus you’ll be able to found links to the awesome Cutler Legacy. What’s better than that?

Fashion Twist I think it’s a fairly new site but they have some pretty nice stuff. Something is wrong with the servers on the original site so backup is located here.

Glamorous Lounge This site has a few clothes I snagged.

Sixtylilies Conversions that rock. Great stuff!

Ophelia Sims: Site is in Italian(thanks Hetziie!) but easy to navigate!

AnnaMariaSims 2

pa’Bailar: Wonderful conversions with sexy feet!Smile

Aelia: Here on LJ or here on DW.

Daisywenham: Cute kids/toddler clothes.


Ja: Cute, and much needed replacements, for children. Brilliant recolors and clutter items as well.

Ashtray Sims: Maternity replacements plus other interesting things as well.

Rosehage: Different kinds of separates that are great under long tops or just panties!Smile

Ever thought this (insert outfit, makeup, ect.) is great but I wish…

GoS Granted wishes thread. Clothing, hair, makeup. Hidden gems!


Cool Sims: Male and female hair.

XM Sims Enough said

Garden of Shadows(GoS) Dyed, natural, short, long. They have it all.

Rissa Styles Alot of different hair. One of my favorite hairs is from here.{As of 5/30/10 the site has been down for a few weeks!} Go here instead!

Rose Sims 2 First place I ever downloaded hair

Freezetomorrow on LJ. Just click the Sims 2 archive.

Yuxi Amazing hairs!

PeachT here or here. Hairs, skins and Sims!

Clare Josephine: Lovely hairs. Found here(on LJ) or here(DW).

Poettchen: Great hairs and cute underwear.

Trappings: Hairs and clothing.

Parade: Great hairs. She also had make-up and eyes

Bec: Shaved heads for everyone and in pooklet’s colors

Nouk: Yes, she’s back!!

Lilth: Great site for different hair accessories and retextures plus Sims!


Rensim Where I get my piercings.  Go here until notified otherwise since the site has been down.

oph3lia: Necklaces


For fantasy skins I use Enayla for sure.

Complusion (currently using these for townies and such)

Buffy-bot/Oepu Blend (currently using these skins.)

Freckled Skins *added 5/30/09 Been looking for some good freckled skins!

Extreme Skins: Sparkle N Shine

Galaxy Explorer

Needlecream Hair/skins. Lovely!

Joedy_76: Skin blends as well as makeup.

My Poor Lover: Spotted these on LJ and had to snag them. Thinking about making them defaults.

Vincent Hotsporn Skintone: Tats AND scars!

Chakrau Skins


Yumedust “Eye Love” on Anva sclera

E-Studio As of 12/04/09 I wasn’t able to access the site.

Last Day of Magic by Nilou(I have her listed in misc. but I LOVE these eyes!)

Blackjack or Fruitsalad by Mouseyblue





The Treehouse

Simply Random: Not just Sims but makeup as well and skin blends.

Jesstheex: Unique looking Sims. She also has makeup, freckles, skins, eyes…pretty much everything now!Smile

Anuvi’s Place: Nice looking Sims.


Elite SimBuilder Nice houses by very talented people. I had requested a house from there but I guess they got busy because I never got it but I’m happy with the current house I have now! It appears that this website is down as of 9/16/09. Please let me know if it does come back up.

Fennia Sims 2 Another great house site.

Simcerely AMAZING houses! Multitude of houses in all shapes and sizes. Site is easy to navigate! *Added 12/26/08{As of 06/25/10 the site appears to be offline}

Plasticbox I was looking for neighborhoods for a scene and these caught my eyes. I like the cluster effect which is what I needed! *added 01/27/09

Sims Urbania I can’t believe I didn’t have this on there before. Lycan Tales wouldn’t have a street feel without their houses.


Orange Alex

A Feast For Me



Trendy Depression Hack

Paladin’s Place


JDs Animation Boxes

Decorgal Hacks(all of them)


No red lines when paused

SynapticSims Fighting poses

May’s Poseboxes

Making of I LOVE her/his poses

Multi-Poseboxes in one Brilliant!

Squinge’s Mega College Pack: Lets your YA stay on the home lot and still go to college. This mod requires Uni.

Vampire Posebox by KittyKat2010 here, here or at her site here.

Cyjon’s Mods

Rugs off Grid: WOO HOO!!!

Surrealistic Realism

Hide those Seams

CLUTTER: I mainly use the first two links also the one over at Club Crimsyn

Gos Clutter Thread

Sims Wiki List

Fairywitch Awesome things at her site

Simply Styling

Kieda: Shoes!!


Fresh Prince

Sims 2 Car Source

MISC:(links that I just surf for fun and pick and choose stuff)

Mod the Sims 2

The Booty

Wella_Creation over on LJ. Ton of talented people over there.

Pieridae’s Great Big Fabulous List

WCIF_Sims on LJ

Spring 4 Sims

Simcredible Designs

Around the Sims

Garden Breeze

Stylist Sims


Nocturnal Sims

Holy Simoly

AweSims Recolors and beautiful meshes

Underworld A place with a crap load of great CC.

Cupcake Conspiracy A little bit of everything.

Nilou: Cute clothing and hairs! Lovely picspam!

Lost Utopia: Various downloads. Registration is required but they do have some nice items!

Stuff for The Sims 2: Makeup, clothes, hair…it’s there! As of 1/1/12 site was down.

Peace & Unrest: Amazing recolors, furniture

Simbecile: Walls and paintings

Tarnished China Doll: Recolors and default skins from other creators.

LimeLove: Painting recolors and just beautiful recolors in general!

Pink Rabbit: A little bit of everything.

Grito Sims: Love, love, LOVE this site! Unfortunately the creator is unable to continue with it. Fortunately they’re leaving it up! Translation is necessary for earlier posts!

Anna Sims: Misc downloads plus I enjoy looking at her picspam!

Charterzard: Clothing, makeup. Really nice stuff!

Mint Clover: Make up, hairs

Mango: Hair, great make up


Withered Lilies: Clothes, hair

Mrs. Phoenix’s Corner


Buckle Hair and skins

Eva: Recolors of maxis-objects and misc CC.

Sacrifice: AC robes and other goodies

Hula Sims: Misc recolors. Wonderfully done.

Simgaroop’s Screenshot recolors are awesome!

Ya_soglasna: Default replacement, hairs, pooklet’d maxis phones. Great stuff.

Nengi65: TS3 things converted to TS2.

HugeLunatic: Backless showers, emptied shelves, recolors, new meshes. Found here or here.

Sims2Code: Various add-ons and recolors of Maxis meshes.

Simplelife: Nose/face masks, recolors, new meshes.

Chimerical: Misc Deco

Buggybooz: Here or newer things here. Garden sets, kitchen, BV poster recolors. Wonderful things.


Ohbehave’s Junk Trunk


Donnha’s Sim Stuff

Currant Potpie

Tokyo Cafe Labo


Problems? Possible solutions

Lots not showing in game(found this through this resource post!)

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