Sunset Valley

Chaim Pierson

*Brushes dust off*

Man, long time no post on here. Medical issues aside I’ve been hanging out on tumblr and playing various other games. Suddenly got back into a Simming mood when I saw theratway’s male Sim base(you should snag the other stuff as well!).  Tweaking him and came up with Chaim who seemed to fit that strange hair I had in my game!  Smile Some of these have been posted on tumblr already. Some haven’t!


And I’m trying to do something different. Use EPs and SPs that I normally ignore for whatever odd reason. So, here’s Talula. Just a pet I randomized in CAS and fell in love with! Heart


I put them in New Sunset Valley v0.45 since it has all the lots placed.


Desirae & Ismael

Screenshot-82 copy


Des and Mael are two Sims I’ve had in my bin and finally decided to play to test out this awesome skin as well as play around in Sunset Valley 2013(I snagged the English save file here.).

I randomly rolled traits and picked LTW that I rarely play.

Des’ LTW is One Sim Band. Traits: socialbutterflyperfectionistvehicleenthusiastvirtuosodogperson

Mael’s LTW is Become an Astronaut. Traits: perfectionistperfectionistvehicleenthusiastvirtuosodogperson


This is Remi by the awesome littlecatsims on tumblr(where I’ve been spending a lot of my own time.  I aged him up and moved him into the Sunset Valley that was updated for Pets.  Most, if not all, these pictures have already been posted on tumblr but with hardly any commentary!



He’s unlucky.















Who loves music.


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