Riverblossom Hills

Random Maxis Match

Found some more Maxis Match creators and some new face templates so I decided to make another Sim and move her into Belladonna Cove! This is Arrine. I imagine she’s a little kooky but in a good way where she has a crap ton of friends and loves to laugh and hang out.


Rez and Riverblossom Hills

New world, new Sim.  I downloaded Riverblossom Hills for TS3(I never really played it for TS2) and immediately had to make another Sim.  As I was making her a story began to form.  Who knows if I’ll actually write it out since I have other stories that need to be finished first.  Anyways, meet Prescilla Trafton.  No one calls her that.  Everyone knows her as Rez. She saw her parents murdered in front of her…or so she thought.  Ever since then she’s been chasing down their killer, killing the beings that get in her way.  The trail has lead her to RH.


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