Maxis Match

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Random Maxis Match


Found some more Maxis Match creators and some new face templates so I decided to make another Sim and move her into Belladonna Cove! This is Arrine. I imagine she’s a little kooky but in a good way where she has a crap ton of friends and loves to laugh and hang out.



Daphne(Maxis Match)


So, I needed something to do to take my mind off of things. Decided to go into my Maxis Match hood and play around a little bit. Here’s Daphne Stovall(just Daph if you know what’s good for you!) and since I never use the trailers I thought why not toss her in there and see what happens. NOW I know WHY I don’t use the trailers but…meh! It was fun!Razz

Maxis Match II


I have to say I enjoy the cut scenes more now than ever since I don’t use them in my storytelling. I had forgotten how cute they were!Smile Anyways, last time I visited my Maxis Match hood Winni and Tula had moved in together and I spent some time finding them mates…only to realize that they were into each other!Razz Surprise, surprise!Grin Both were pregnant by the end of the last update and yes, it was by each other. Gotta love the pregnancy for all hack yeah?



Maxis Match


After looking on various LJ’s that I friended and seeing maxis match I was tempted to give it a try. I just had to figure out how to do it. And if you’re a friend on LJ you can skip this part and the first page since it’s just a rehash. Razz After thinking about it I figured I’d make a folder and switch it out with my other downloads folder when I wanted to play Maxis-match. Then I thought about the AGS(any game starter) but I was lucky enough to read a comment where someone stated that they just signed on under a different log in and viloa! Shut your face right? So, I took to my LJ to find some links and pennysims and niloublue were kind enough to give me some links and I just went from there. After an extensive downloading spree I thought for SURE my folder was going to be exploding but recolors and fixed maxis clothing(and retextured hair!) really don’t take up that much room. Under two gigs and I’m pretty pleased!Smile


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