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Rainbow Brite…or something like that!


I always download neon hairs but I never use them sooo…yep! I used them this go around and enjoyed it. I was bored and Dragon Age: Origins was kicking my butt! Stupid darkspawn! Anyways, I made the guys in BS and Dee was made in CAS. After I exited the game I opened Simpe and exported her and did a little tweaking to her in BS so she may look a little different in your game than she does in mine. Aaand I made another house. Pictures might look a little different since I’m using a trial version of Paint Shop Pro x3 to see if I like it. So far loving it! Alrighty then…

(Shake what ya mama gave ya!)


A friend simmified…


My friend Joey knows that I play the Sims. Sometimes when I know there’s nothing to do at work I bring in the laptop and play TS3. He also knows that I write. So he asked me to make him as a Sim and put me into a story. The one that gets the most comments and is the most exciting were his stipulations. I was watching Stomp the Yard(again!) and he came in and started making out a plot for himself. Mind you this boy loves him some Twilight. He wants to sparkle like motherfreakin’ Edward. Anyways, I haven’t made his boyfriend yet(he has to have a body like Ethan, dark hair and work in a garage because he likes the dirrrty boys!Razz) but I did spend some time making him in BS this morning. Without further ado…

(♪Dance, dance revolution…♫)


Moar! Moar! MOAR!


Okay! I know y’all are thinking: “AGAIN?” but this is the last batch for awhile.  I promise! For serious!Razz  So, as per usual with my uploads I made three Sims and I had to make them a house. YAY! No, no NOT yay! This house was a pain! I was looking at floor plans and tutorials on how to make something other than boxes(see, this is what happens when I promise myself I’m going to get more use out of something! OCD kicks in!) and roofs! Roofs KILL me! BUT I did learn a few new things so it’s all good! Razz Anyways, I was missing my supernaturals!Frown Neglect I tell you! So I threw one into the mix! I really like how she turned out! Without further ado…

(Three Sims and a house part deux aka +29 pics)


Three Men and…


ETA: Now with download links. Go to Misc under downloads to have the boys in your game!

I’ve had these guys done since the 31 but then I went in game and decided that they needed a house before I could show them off! Yeah…dumb! And to top it off I got distracted and ran with another idea so the main house isn’t even complete. But I learned how to attach garages! That’s something isn’t it? Razz Anyway, here are the three guys(because I made three sisters and I want babies!!). I had fun making them. My downloads folder hates me because I went on ANOTHER downloading spree! But my computer is fast again. O_o Weird but not complaining! Alright…

(a house! +28 pics)

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