Created Sims

Just a few TS3 pics!


Hey! I’ve not abandoned the Sims are anything(have some more older pics under the cut!)! I’ve just been on tumblr and going through some medical issues for the last five months. I can’t remember her name right now but I think she’s rather lovely! Probably gonna move her though!


Kara and Mollie

Two Sims I made to move into Jericho. ┬áVery cool world and I can tell a lot of time and effort went into it. ┬áMollie wasn’t too sure about the move and Kara is staring at her all fondly yeah? Razz Most of these pics were already posted on my tumblr but yeah!


TS2: Ice

These are already posted on my Tumblr. I meant to open the game but instead I hit the body shop button! And since I had just installed some things from the GoS Advent as well as the GoS SS I just went with it and ended up creating Ice. She just goes by Ice. Last name Browning.

More pics beneath the cut!

(+18 more…)

Random Maxis Match

Found some more Maxis Match creators and some new face templates so I decided to make another Sim and move her into Belladonna Cove! This is Arrine. I imagine she’s a little kooky but in a good way where she has a crap ton of friends and loves to laugh and hang out.


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