Sims 3

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Lotus(you can find her here on LJ.  LOVE her hair retextures!) asked me to put Callum up for download and since she’s one of my favorite people in the TS3 community I thought why not!?? I packed him with base game clothing and hair.  The only CC that he has on him are tamo’s lips(which are perfect so I think you should download them too!). My current defaults are Ephemera’s faces, moonlight bodies by Kanno and eyes by Tamo(For some reason I thought I was using those skins but I guess not!). Also, he’s wearing this store hair. And he’s wearing different eyebrows but I’m an eyebrow junky and can’t remember where I snagged those from.  Probably from here.

Grab him in a .sim or sims3pack file above.

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