First up Damon and Fran! D’awww! This is an old pic! I was going through and realized that I didn’t have any full frontal pics of Damon which makes me sad! And look at teen Ty! Makes me want to pinch his cheeks! And he is their biological son. I just mixed their DNA in CAS and voila! Damon and Fran have been together for over twenty years! They auto flirt in my game and always roll the want to have a baby. Maybe you want to cause them some drama in your game because I never do! Word of warning: Damon is using the bodybuilder mesh so I don’t know how he’d look without it! I’d be interested to see though if you download him!

This is what Damon comes packaged with:

Download Damon here .

And Fran comes packaged with this:

Download Fran here.

Janet during happier times. I don’t think she was really a young adult. I just used the Insimenator to make her that way for those few scenes in RG. If you keep up with RG you know in my story she’s a crazy woman who has no morals and does and says whatever she wants. Maybe in your game she’ll actually be happy for a change. Janet comes packaged with the following:

Download here

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