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This will be the sticky post for easy navigation if a.)You just stopped by here to read the legacy or b.)if you’re just here to look at the pretty townies! However, if you’re here to see it all just click here and it’ll take you to the first entry post of this blog. Easy right? And I don’t mind if you nose around! Click away until your hearts content! Mi casa es su casa and all that! And images will be changing as the stories/townies grow. And yes, I do have the legacy planned that far ahead(pictures are taken and already set up), so no worries about me quitting anytime soon!


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Click here to go to the townie/downtownie pool. Click the link in the header for downloads.

For POLLS go here. These will be heir polls as well as downloaded Sims polls.

Or maybe you’re here for TS3 picspam? Click here to go there. As of yet I haven’t put any of these Sims up for download because I don’t know if anyone would want them.


For Sims 3 Downloads click here. There’s not that many up yet but I intend to change that! Smile

Or perhaps you’re interested in the Round Robin story, Weapon of Choice, that goodbye_sun, elecy, dolly_riot and I are currently involved in. Then click here. WoC is no longer hosted here but there are update announcements posted! To read go here!

For my own amusement(and to use Sims that I have in BS) I decided to start a genetic experiment. Just to see how long features are passed down and so forth. No telling how long this will last. If you’re interested go here.

  • Glace
    #1 written by Glace 3 years ago

    please make more of the genetic experiment! it is the best thing on this website!

    • PhoenixFG
      #2 written by PhoenixFG 3 years ago

      Thanks…I think!Razz I was just thinking about that the other day since it’s not actual legacy style game play! I may go into the game and toss a few images up!

  • Glace
    #3 written by Glace 3 years ago

    thank you, please do!Shock i didn’t mean it in a bad way

    • PhoenixFG
      #4 written by PhoenixFG 3 years ago

      LOL! I was just messing with you. I know what you meant! Smile

      I was going through my pics and I realized that I still have some I haven’t posted soooo…keep an eye out! Razz

  • Glace
    #5 written by Glace 3 years ago

    yay post them soon Grin

  • Glace
    #6 written by Glace 3 years ago

    Question when you said keep an eye out did you mean tomorrow keep an eye out or this month keep an eye out! if you want to say im being annoying it’s okay i know

    • PhoenixFG
      #7 written by PhoenixFG 3 years ago

      LOL! You’re not annoying! This is getting my butt in gear! Like, tomorrow. Something unexpected happen while I was in game with this family and…well, you’ll see!Razz But tomorrow afternoon(after 5 so I guess that’s evening!Razz)!

  • Glace
    #8 written by Glace 3 years ago

    okay thnx Clap

  • Glace
    #9 written by Glace 3 years ago

    Question today?

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