Booted up ME after not playing for a few years! Goodness, I missed this game! I plan to play through the trilogy again and try to make different choices(Garrus, no…stop talking to me! I’m falling in love with you again! Heart LOL!

Finally got my mods working again and they’re beneath the cut! I love these games(for the most part!)! And here’s my head canon for my OC. I’ll be adding to this as I play!

Ynanna-Oya(E-nannah- Óyah)Shepard 


Born April 11, 2154, is a graduate of the Systems Alliance N7 special forces program (service no. 5923-AC-2826), a veteran of the Skyllizan Blitz, and is initially assigned to the SSV Normandy in 2183 as Executive Officer. First human Spectre.

  • Spacer
  • War Hero
  • Infiltrator

Mods used:



Jean-Luc’s High Res-Textures

HD Eyes

HD Face textures

Eyelashes by ELE08

Eyebrow Fix

And I’m using this ReShade.

masseffecttexmod-2016-09-22-17-50-25-50 masseffecttexmod-2016-09-22-17-50-47-03 masseffecttexmod-2016-09-22-17-51-50-63

Ynanna-Oya loves being a Marine. Her mom kicked ass and she always looked up to her. When she received her first medal her mother was the one to pin it on her. She got the love of tinkering with tech from her dad. He’s more soft spoken and intensely focused. Ynanna-Oya learned how to calm her explosive rage from him…although it doesn’t work all the time. It helps that she knows how to fix the things that she breaks.

She does suffer from PTSD and doesn’t mind talking about it if it will help other soldiers deal with their issues. While she doesn’t mind talking about it some things that she had to do/see still keep her awake at night and/or cause nightmares. When that happens she fixes herself a hot cup of tea and surfs the extranet for old Earther animal vids. She loves those things!



She loves exploring all the different planets. She’s a HUGE space nerd who hopes to have a constellation named after her. When she was younger she spent a lot of time by herself when her parents were given orders. She used to looked out spacecraft windows and just imagine all the different species and life form just waiting to be discovered. She was always thrilled when she was invited to planetary dinners and was allowed to mingle with all the different cultures.

Her mother taught her how to drive, the horror of the base, and she loves driving the Mako. It’s built tough and she drives it rough. The mechanics have gotten used to it coming back in need of repairs. Ynanna-Oya and the mechanics actually have a long standing, unspoken bet: she wants to see if there’s anything she can do to the Mako that they can’t fix!

Because of her connection with the Blitz Ynanna-Oya tries to blend in the background whenever possible. She’s often given credit for her deeds to different members of her crew just to avoid having her story blasted across the extranet again. When she becomes a Spectre she knows that her background is once again going to be fodder for humans and non-human species alike. While there’s nothing in her background to be ashamed of(and she earned all those medals that she doesn’t wear damn it!) she’s still a private person.



When not in a relationship Ynanna-Oya has no qualms about satisfying her desires with anyone she hits it off with. She knows life is short and you have to grab pleasure while you can. She hasn’t had many serious relations. A lot of people seem to find her intimidating. However, when she is in a relationship she makes sure that, no matter the distance, she keeps in contact. Sometimes it’s just an email or a vid but the small things make a big difference.