I love Tumblr. Sure, it has its issues but then you read wonderful writing and see beautiful art. One such artist, 1nfiltratrix, drew my Ynanna-Oya and she looks perfect(I’m still upset that BioWare never gives us textured hair!)!! In Love  Heart

I finished up Mass Effect a few days ago and immediately started on Mass Effect 2. Some thoughts about ME and my choices(spoilers) behind the cut!

Some more OC stuff:

Ynanna-Oya realized that she and her mother had drifted a part when she had to make a call for someone on the Citadel and the convo was short and to the point. She didn’t think much of it until later that night when she had a moment to herself. Liara pointed out that some mothers don’t know how, or when, to show their children love but she was sure that there was a tremendous amount of love and pride underneath that short exchange. Shepard just let it go. She had to focus on the missions.

Seeing a species that was supposedly extinct was exhilarating and shocking at the same time. She couldn’t let the chance for the race to try to flourish again and released the Rachni queen on the promise that she’d be peaceful and multiply.

Wrex fist bumped her shoulder(she had Dr. Chakwas look at it later!) after Virmire. He had been pissed but he realized that she had done the right thing. What was a Krogan without free will? And he patted her back as he looked over at Kaidan’s locker. While Ynanna-Oya and Alenko hadn’t been close he was under her command. She made sure that she was the one to contact his parents.

She started to hate the name Cerberus. They kept popping up and causing havoc with their test subjects turning into husks. She would find the source and end them…

She found herself, while out and about on various missions with mainly Wrex and Garrus, wanting to spend time alone with just Garrus. He didn’t seem as if he were interested and she didn’t mind. She just really enjoyed spending time with the some times uptight Turian who spouted corny jokes and then seem embarrassed about them. She found delight in making his mandibles do that quick open and close thing they did when he was flustered. He caught on pretty quickly and started trying to make her just as uncomfortable.

When the finale battle went down Saren redeemed himself some what* and Captain Anderson is now Councilor Anderson. Ynanna-Oya knows that he’s a career military man but the thought of Udina being on the council makes her want to shoot something.

*So, Saren shot himself! This is the first time it happened for me and I was so startled. The struggle he was going through not to be controlled was heartbreaking to see even though he never was a sympathetic character. Still, everyone likes to believe their mind is their own.

There were so many bits of dialogue that I never paid attention to that made this story so much better/personal! And I realized that Cereburs was really everywhere! Damn! I vaguely remember details of ME 2 so this should be interesting! I did all of the missions and assignments and ended up at lvl 51 which was cool!