Misty moved in and got a makeover. Not that much was needed. She’s adorable! Misty loves art, is a bookworm and is neat. She wants to be a Friend of the World. This is going to be my first time playing a popular Sim for TS4!

He’s so proud of his clay bunny! He’s such a dork!


I’m really feeling the art that the Sims make!


Alice comes over for visits all the time. I mean, all the time!


Why are you in the bathroom doing that Gabe?


Alice: “Sure, he’s playing with his clay! *nudgenudgewinkwink* Am I right??”

Misty: “OMG!!!”


Misty is always immediately surrounded by Sims when she goes out? Is that a perk of wanting to be a friend of the world??


Since Gabe is working Misty stays at home and tinkers around the house. I don’t know if I want her to get a job or not!


Nina comes over all the time as well.


Misty had some gardening skills already so I thought she should make a garden…it’s a lot of freaking work!




Alice saw something that can’t be unseen.

Seriously, Gabe and Misty are forever being flirty and cuddling up to each other.