A new post, a new Sim! One of these days I’ll actually stick to one! ROTFL This is Gabe Covington. Decided to try something I hadn’t and made him an artist. Traits are gloomy, childish and artistic. I kinda like his face.  On a side not I have a TS4 resource listed now. All the CC I’m currently using in my game.

I realized I forgot to tick uncompressed Sim textures. I can tell because of his face/eyes! Anyways, new house first thing Gabe did was cook…and immediately drop the pepper in the pot! Look at that adorable face! ♥


His first painting. He looks so proud. I actually kept it and put it up on the wall.


Tried for a different body type this time as well. I think his little stomach is so cute! And I, for one, never get tired of the ‘gotta pee now’ walk. I do it all the time!


Gloom! GLOOM!!! He just woke up sad! Confused  And look, the pic in the background!! That’s his first painting! Maybe if I continue with Gabe I’ll have someone always keep it in their home or something! *shrug* I’m also slowly redecorating.


More gloom! I’ve never used this trait so it threw me. He sat, stirred his food, sighed and took a bite. He did that for the whole meal.


Even more gloom. I had him paint a sad picture.


I find this oddly appropriate.


I couldn’t take his sadness anymore! There was an option to ‘cry it out’ in bed so I took it!


It helped!


When I saw this all I could think of was Bob Ross and happy trees!♥♥