*Brushes dust off*

Man, long time no post on here. Medical issues aside I’ve been hanging out on tumblr and playing various other games. Suddenly got back into a Simming mood when I saw theratway’s male Sim base(you should snag the other stuff as well!).  Tweaking him and came up with Chaim who seemed to fit that strange hair I had in my game!  Smile Some of these have been posted on tumblr already. Some haven’t!


And I’m trying to do something different. Use EPs and SPs that I normally ignore for whatever odd reason. So, here’s Talula. Just a pet I randomized in CAS and fell in love with! Heart


I put them in New Sunset Valley v0.45 since it has all the lots placed.

Kinda, sorta a legacy so I’m not using the money that I have left over after purchasing an empty lot. Well, not a lot. I brought things for Talula but Chaim gets a sleeping bag and a fire pit in order to cook food.


That he doesn’t have so marshmallows will do to keep him from starving. He’s not amused.

And it started raining!


Talula isn’t phased by anything at all.


Chaim woke up starving so I sent him to the fairgrounds were he promptly stole someone’s picnic…and I noticed that he had fleas.



Back at home I purchased a Cowplant. I’ve never played with one of these things in TS2 or TS3 since I’ve had it. I think they’re oddly cute!



Look at the cuteness! LOOK AT IT!!!


Chaim has no toilet since he has no house which means this is always happening.


TALULA!!! That’s not water!! Well, in a way it is but…noooo!!!


Since the town is taking forever to generate townies I figured I’d use the teleporter that I usually chuck in my inventory.


I’d be hesitant to use it too Chaim…



The Time Traveller solemnly passes on some tips/tricks.




And then it’s Into the Future for Chaim!