This is Remi by the awesome littlecatsims on tumblr(where I’ve been spending a lot of my own time.  I aged him up and moved him into the Sunset Valley that was updated for Pets.  Most, if not all, these pictures have already been posted on tumblr but with hardly any commentary!



He’s unlucky.















Who loves music.

I moved him into this lovely little house since it’s far enough away from people where he doesn’t feel stifled but close enough where he doesn’t have to use a crap load of subway stations either.


LTW is to be a One Sim Band.




I tab out to do something and come back to him flirting with this chick.  Oh! Okay! I guess…


Guess not!




Then Blair walks by and they do this constantly and I think they are adorable! ♥



Back at the house Remi grabs something from the outside fridge(the kitchen is too small for it!).


And since he’s nearly broke I don’t have any seats for him to sit on but the tub will do!