I ♥ the scenery in TS3.  I can’t help myself.  But I also like the game too.  I’m just a gamer I guess since Sims isn’t the only thing I play(OMG! Have you seen the new demo from DA II? Seriously??) Anyways, anytime you see anything Redcliffs you know it’s going to be about Callum since he’s the only Sim I have living there! And no, I haven’t given up on TS2 and my stories.  I just want to play for a change! Razz



Callum’s first order of business was to go to a bar! Where he ordered some fruity drink called a cheerleader something or other that gave him a romantic moodlet! He suddenly realized he was the only guy in the bar…


The view from outside his place at dawn…


Same view, different time of day.


Love the frugal trait! So serious!

Time to show off the house that I built…finally! I rarely build houses in TS3 especially since the release of LN. Anyways:


Entrance to the living room


Living room: angle 1


Living room: angle 2



Pretty sure those are my faces when I’m playing video games too! Seriously!


And this is the kitchen/dining area! The picture of the bathroom and bedroom will come later…if I remember to take some!







Random shots of Callum because I think he’s adorable! And because I felt bad for laughing at him falling off that trampoline! His face! HIS FACE!


Postcard view of Redcliffs! Hey, that’s actually Callum’s house right in front of that lake.  Haha! Just realized it!