I’m going to try something different so that I stay interested in the Sims longer than I have been…although you guys know I switch out games like crazy! Anyways, instead of going out hunting for a spouse I opened up Redcliffs(I forgot I had it installed!) and moved in three Sims. Two guys and a girl(only one of them is one that I made!). Just to see what happens…if anything happens. And me being me I have back-stories for them already!

Rykan Clint(Clint) created by the lovely Simphonies!^_^ I saw him, I squealed and I grabbed him!Razz He’s slightly rebellious, has commitment issues(believes in love but not really sure about the whole marriage thing!), is thrifty with his money, sleeps like the dead and never turns down a dare. He’s a jack of all trades. He and Cherry used to date. She broke it off when she realized that he wasn’t going to settle down with her. They remained friends but Ry might want a little more.

Cherry Harper was made by the talented Lotus/Ageiha. After bravely deciding to move away from it all, Cherry, who led a sheltered life, realized just how hard being on her own was. Hopelessly romantic she believes that the love of her life could be right around the next corner. Not letting being broke break her spirit Cherry has high hopes of becoming an astronaut.

Darren Underhill by me(he pops up all over the place yeah?). He met Cherry while out and about Redcliffs and they became close friends. He’s a hopeless romantic as well so he and Cherry compare miserable dates. Darren hopes to make his living off the sea and while he’s not to keen on cleaning up after himself and he does get grumpy every now and again(who doesn’t?) he’s basically a good guy.

Ry popped up one day and hasn’t left Redcliff since. Someone, no one can remember who, suggested that they all move in together. After all, the guys get a long(surprisingly) and Cherry likes them both…as friends of course!


So, this should keep me interested for awhile! Freewill on, not micromanaging them that much(except for dealing with work! Lazy Sims are lazy!Razz). Also, I might have installed the woohooer after playing this bit just to see what would happen! Smile Also, if you’ve come here from tumblr  you can skip the first page! Darn my need for you guys to see stuff first!Razz

Guys, guys! Really? You know me and the scenery spam! So, just prepare for it yeah? Razz







The house they currently live in you can’t really see. It’s the third one down though.














Gotta love the lighting mod by dDefinder. Seriously looks like a storm is coming in yeah?