ETA: Now with download links. Go to Misc under downloads to have the boys in your game!

I’ve had these guys done since the 31 but then I went in game and decided that they needed a house before I could show them off! Yeah…dumb! And to top it off I got distracted and ran with another idea so the main house isn’t even complete. But I learned how to attach garages! That’s something isn’t it? Razz Anyway, here are the three guys(because I made three sisters and I want babies!!). I had fun making them. My downloads folder hates me because I went on ANOTHER downloading spree! But my computer is fast again. O_o Weird but not complaining! Alright…

This is Grayson. He was fun to make. This time I did extremes when assigning points so he’s uber shy.  He’d rather stay in and read/write/make music.

I fiddled with his mouth a bit to give it that mulish look.

He looks as if I asked him to do something distasteful when all I did was tell him to go fishing! O_o

Without glasses.

I never really use pale skins but this made since with the story I had going in my head when I was making him!

Profile shot.

I ♥ you Gray. I really do.

This is J’emerc. Merc for short. I was fiddling with the new dreads I got but they just didn’t look right on him so yeah…

Profile shot.

LOL!! I love the look of him. He just looks like he’d be fun times to hang out with!

Most of the time!

I HAD to snap this face. He was waiting for me to get around to him. This is Samuel. Stepbrother to Grayson. He lived a rough life and when his mother married Gray’s dad it didn’t get any better. He did protect Grayson from bullies as he made his way up in the world. he works with Merc and they get along so well they decided to move in together.

Profile shot.

He was giving me fits to make. But I think he turned out alright. I like the shape of his nose. Weird, I know!

Most of the time he’s calm but he does have fits of rage. Chillaz dude!

Grayson, Samuel and Merc. Gray looks as if he’s avoiding the camera, Sam is thinking about his next business transaction and Merc…I don’t know what Merc is doing. Razz

But boys will be boys! Geez!

Onward to the house pics!