Two guys this time.  Like I said, when I need to think I make Sims!: P Yeah, I got nothing else so here they are…

Oliver, I named him Zane in my game, is my serious baby.  Half alien he never met his mother(his alien half) and often wonders if she thinks of him.  Or if she’s still alive…

Side view.

He tries to be cool but fails.  Hard!

Looking to the sky!

Yurich was made since someone over at DD wanted elf Sims to populate her hood with!Razz

He was supposed to be serious but once I got him in game…

Not so much!

Side view.

Complete opposites! I don’t know why I always do that!

Yeah, I put him on the lot with the only unmated Hollister sister. Vivian thought they were both hot! Oliver wasn’t feeling it.

These guys are up for download as well as the girls from the previous post.  Just click Misc. under Downloads at the top there.