I was bored last night(I thought my game, Red Dead Redemption was going to be here so I planned on gaming but it never appeared on my doorstep!) so I went into BS and fiddled around some.  I haven’t done that in awhile.  Nothing too dramatic.  Just two Sims and a few pics because I could!Razz

Here’s Freedom.  She just goes by Free.  I figured she’d be a bit of a wild child or something.  Pleasure Sim in my game.

I ♥ that pose! LOL!!

Dedria.  She goes by Dedria(even though Free calls her Ria) and she’s more career focus.  She and Free have been friends since elementary.  Free tries to get her to loosen up and she tries to get Free to focus.  It’s a daily struggle.

I have these girls packaged up if anyone wants them. Free comes with a different hair(I was going for elegant when I was making her but she had different plans once I got to CAS.) but other than that they look the same!Razz