Ya know, when I first started playing the Sims and posting stories up, I never thought about the people that I would meet. Not just from the US but all over the world. How cool is that? Recently I’ve became pen-pals with one such person after a request from her to make a Sim self.  It always amazes me when people download my Sims since I just do this for fun and I’ve seen A LOT better looking Sims but I do appreciate the comments I receive!Smile Anyways, this is Hetziie. Just a few pics because she said I could share.

This is Hetziie as a teenager. I had made her as a YA but I didn’t realize that YA wasn’t an option in CAS! *facepalm* But this gives her a chance to get some skills before sending herself off for Uni! Smile

Profile shot. Hetziie was patience with me as I asked for different shots! LOL!

Neutral shot just to show off her features.

I did make her do exaggerated poses just to show off her facial expressions to see if I needed to tweak anything.

So, Hetziie said she was happy with her self Sim. I’m happy since this is only the second time I ‘ve ever done a self Sim. *wipes brow*