RECAP: Last time we went home and visited the family. Tony and Dane were still all over each other, Alice was learning to come out of her shell and Leroy knocked Donna up(and she STILL hasn’t had those puppies yet!). And FYI I think it sucks that only two people can get into the photo booth!

This is year two at the house while Gai and Neil were away at Uni.

Hey! It’s me again. Mom said since I was becoming such an extrovert that I should do this update as well. I think she’s prepping me for something. I just don’t know what. Anyways. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night so Roy and I would go outside and play catch until both of us were tired. Most of the time it was about an hour before I had to get up for school. That was okay though because I didn’t really need that much sleep. There was always so much running through my head. Being a sophomore meant that I had to get ready for the dry run for my SATs.

“Come on Roy. Come on. Time to go back into the house.”

I almost tripped over Donna as I turned around.

Ever since she’d gotten knocked up she’d been a lot nicer to everyone. She was always wanting a tummy rub or was just content to lay beside you as you watched TV. It was actually kinda freaky. Maybe it was the hormones or something. Whatever it was I wasn’t the only one to notice.

“Hey Donna. Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl?”

Dad would sometimes be awake when I walked back into the house and he and Donna weren’t exactly close but she raced over to him to get stroked.

“I think she should be pregnant all the time,” Dad said with a laugh. Punching him lightly on the shoulder I headed to the room but stopped when I heard Donna growl.

She wasn’t exactly friendly with everyone though. Poor Roy always got the tail end(no pun intended there but that’s kinda funny) of her anger. I guess it’s that way in any relationship right? Dogs weren’t that different because as soon as Donna finished growling she playfully nipped at Roy and curled up beside him.

“Yep, yep. I remember those days,” dad said as he headed into his bedroom. Rolling my eyes I headed into mine.

When mom and dad were both off they enjoyed playing videos game. Video games that they weren’t any good at.

“Wait! Wait! Is it B, B, A or A, A, B for the special kick?”

“Don’t know. I’m just mashing buttons.”

“No fair! No fair! How the hell did you do that move?” Mom demanded. Grabbing a towel I headed out to the pool as mom waved her hand in dad’s face to try to distract him.

“Woman, it’s on!”

“Like donkey kong!”

I might be great at dancing but when it comes to jumping off of a diving board and into some cold water I’m not down with all of that. Taking a coupe of deep breathes I walked near the edge and stood on the end before taking a few more deep breaths…and taking few steps back. I could just hear Neil’s voice in my head:

“Don’t be a chicken Alice. Bawk! Bawk! Come on!”

Taking a steadying breath I walked toward the edge and bouncing a few times dove into the pool.

It wasn’t very pretty but I was in that pool all by myself. All by myself. In the freezing water. After about two minutes I was out of there and headed into the house to take a warm shower then I decided to head downtown. The parents were still playing a video game.

“I’m going out.”

“Where are you going?” mom asked she jabbed dad with her elbow.

“Maybe shopping and then going to get something to eat. Did you guys want to come?”

“Sure kiddo!”

See, that what’ I love about my parents. They dropped their controllers and headed out the door ahead of me. I liked the fact that they were my parents but I could hang out with them too.