Mafia III

I scooped up the CE of Mafia 3 and I regret nothing!!! It’s actually pretty well done with an artbook, two records aka vinyls, Lincoln’s dog tags and some coasters. Good stuff, good stuff! Here, have a pic of my buff babe smiling!  Grin




So, I’m really enjoying the game. I know there’s been a lot of negative reviews but I’m really enjoying the story! I’m not that far into it, I never rush through games if I can help it(I’ve managed to avoid spoilers!) and I really want to get a feel of New Bordeaux.



Graphically it’s not the most outstanding game but it does have its moments! Anyways, here, let the launch trailer get you pumped!



Ynanna-Oya Shepard-Before and After Cerberus and during the war

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I didn’t do any fiddling with Ynanna-Oya. She feels like her face got a little fuller(not that she’s complaining!) but she chalks that up to being fed through tubes for the last two years and not following her normal regime. Added picture after her reinstatement. I’m forever mad that they got rid of the one ‘afro’ hair so I just pretend she started using wigs because she couldn’t be bothered with anything other than cornrows during the war!

My Mass Effect ending

I love Tumblr. Sure, it has its issues but then you read wonderful writing and see beautiful art. One such artist, 1nfiltratrix, drew my Ynanna-Oya and she looks perfect(I’m still upset that BioWare never gives us textured hair!)!! In Love  Heart

I finished up Mass Effect a few days ago and immediately started on Mass Effect 2. Some thoughts about ME and my choices(spoilers) behind the cut!


Ynanna-Oya Shepard


Booted up ME after not playing for a few years! Goodness, I missed this game! I plan to play through the trilogy again and try to make different choices(Garrus, no…stop talking to me! I’m falling in love with you again! Heart LOL!

Finally got my mods working again and they’re beneath the cut! I love these games(for the most part!)! And here’s my head canon for my OC. I’ll be adding to this as I play!

Ynanna-Oya(E-nannah- Óyah)Shepard 


Born April 11, 2154, is a graduate of the Systems Alliance N7 special forces program (service no. 5923-AC-2826), a veteran of the Skyllizan Blitz, and is initially assigned to the SSV Normandy in 2183 as Executive Officer. First human Spectre.

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  • War Hero
  • Infiltrator


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